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June 06, 2019

Sen. Mary Boren Reflects On Her First Legislative Session

Mary shares her thoughts with KGOU's Capitol Insider on Oklahoma's political process, including why she thinks the state legislature is not equipped to deal with "complex issues."

March 24, 2019

Oklahoma moves to stop towns from fees, bans on plastic bags

"Sen. Mary Boren, who voted against the pre-emption bill, said Norman's program could be a statewide pilot project to achieve the uniformity merchants say they want.


'We're very aware of the environmental crisis we face,' said Boren, D-Norman. 'This bill would just chill that innovative spirit that we have.'"

August 04, 2018

“I think the Democratic party is better at meeting the pro-life goals than Republicans,”

The Pro-Life issue is one that weighs heavily on many Oklahoma voters. I believe reducing the crisis in a pregnant woman's life is the best way to respect the life of the woman and the unborn. I believe it is good the humanize and empathize everyone impacted by this issue, instead of using the issue to dehumanize and advance partisan agendas. This issue was addressed at the Corn Bread and Beans event in Norman, Oklahoma in August 2018.

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