• Mary Brown Boren

Good Neighbor Campaign

As the holiday season grows more intense, we are reminded of the many ways people can bring a sense of community.  Campaigning in the Cleveland County area including Norman, Noble, Lexington, and Slaughterville has given me the honor of getting to meet Oklahoma's finest as I've traveled to many parades, and fairs, and gatherings. 

Following the social media posts in these communities has also reminded me how generous and giving Oklahomans are.  Several posts during the holidays have asked for help for friends and neighbors.  One post involved a young man who needed help getting food, and cleaning up his home, and caring for his pets.  Soon a food can drive was organized which over-flowed into the high school and college food pantries.  Another effort helped find a size 14 coat for an elderly woman. What I noticed most is that none of the concerned Oklahomans asked about the political party of the person needing help.  A good neighbor doesn't care about politics; we care about the person.  We have a great need to remember what it is like to be a good neighbor -- sharing holidays, special occasions, and pitching in to provide extra help when needed.  Our state laws and services can be an extension of being a good neighbor.  When we support efforts to fully fund core services we are working together to help our neighbors.  When we suspend judgment and believe the best in each other instead of the worst, we are being good neighbors.  When we listen to a view and perspective completely different than ours, and disagree without dehumanizing one another, we are good neighbors.  When we commit to the well-being of others as well as our own in our policies, we are being good neighbors. Restoring Peace and Good Will to our friends, family and neighbors can be a goal for all of us, and it is the goal of my campaign for State Senate District 16.  Your voice and commitment to the well-being of others is needed to help send me from the classroom to the capital.  Wouldn't it be a great gift to your neighbors to work towards building a better state in 2018? You can join our Good Neighbor Campaign by clicking here.

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