Go Mom! Go!

On August 9th, I paid the fee with the State of Oklahoma to run for office. I had $1,000.00 left in the bank account where my teacher pay checks were deposited, and used $150 to pay the fee. Since then I've opened a new bank account, started a website, facebook and twitter.

But more importantly I talked with my friends and family about this opportunity and prayed. I was surprised by the consistent responses. My daddy said, "I always thought you'd run." Others said something to the effect "It's about time." But the response of my daughter and sons was pure excitement. "Go Mom, Go!"

Traditionally, mothers nurture our children in our homes, where we take great care to make sure homes are safe, healthy, and good places for our children to grow and become who they are meant to be. But our children need safety and nurturing beyond our kitchens and living rooms. All children need safe and successful schools and communities to grow and become who they were meant to be.

Although I've been mothering and balancing my teaching and legal career, I've always remained aware of Oklahoma's politics. When HB 1017 was passed after the teacher strike in 1990, I was in law school. When the Early Childhood bill was voted down by the legislature while Frank Keating was Governor, I was sitting in the lobby beside the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Institute for Chid Advocacy. When teachers rallied at the State Capital, I was there only to be profoundly disappointed several years later.

I'm running as a Democrat and I am also active in my church. I believe it is good for democracy for people of faith to invite and consider diverse perspectives, and recognize the proper role of government.

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