Pressing Issues for 2020

Paying for Medicaid Expansion & Criminal Justice Reform

On Tuesday, Oklahomans rejected State Questions 805 & 814, and now legislators will have to find better ways to fund medicaid expansion and reduce our expensive and overcrowded prisons.

Our funding issues in Oklahoma reflect a legacy of our "boom or bust" economy anchored in the Oil & Gas industry. When Oklahoma is able to diversify our energy economy in a way that protects legacy vertical drilling, and fully leverages our opportunity to develop emerging solar industry, we will position ourselves to stabilize our economy and broaden our general revenue.

I'll be working with leaders in the energy industry to share a vision to diversity our energy economy to include:

  • Breaking down artificial barriers to solar companies doing business in Oklahoma

  • Highlighting ways schools, universities and local government can expand solar and create jobs by leveraging real estate for solar farm

  • Clarifying the sustainable future for Oil & Gas working with legacy well owners and vertical drillers

Our subsidies and tax credits exceed 1 billion dollars. These breaks often help to those with the most popular lobbyists instead of those with the smartest economic plan. (I think smart is better than popular).

By reducing failed theories and cronyism in tax our tax policy we will be able to ensure the right amount of revenue is available to fund core responsibilities such as health care, education, roads, and economic security in every zip code in Oklahoma.

Even though SQ 814 failed, there is a legislative determination to reduce levels of incarcerating non-violent offenders. The cost of incarcerating Oklahomans at such high levels is expensive and diverts scarce resources away from higher priorities.

I support bipartisan efforts to work with community partners to find jobs and certifications for people after they've been incarcerated. Here's a link to an informative article to explain what will help us meet this challenge.

If you'd like to discuss these issues more, please email me at

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